Why Now Is The Time To Buy A Gun

Your days may be numbered when you can legally buy a gun. If you think a gun ban is an incredulous possibility, you should consider some recent developments in the political landscape. Continue reading “Why Now Is The Time To Buy A Gun”

Why I Carry

When I turned 21 I got a Concealed Carry Permit. I didn’t live in a high crime area or have paranoia issues. None of my friends or family ever used a gun to protect themselves. I didn’t think I’d be in a situation where I needed a gun. I still don’t. So why then, do I carry a gun? Click to find out why I carry.

4 Every Day Carry Essentials

My EDC Gear in Bento Box
My EDC Gear in Bento Box

What are you carrying right now? I’m not asking about your firearm, I’m interested in your every day carry (EDC) gear. You can’t take your firearm everywhere, so it is good to have other tools. As a Liberty Carrier, I want to be ready for anything, my EDC gear allows me to respond to daily challenges with ease. Minor annoyances or stressful situations can be overcome by being prepared. Click to reveal 4 EDC Essentials

Flying – Liberty Carry Style

XD Spyder

On a recent family vacation I decided to take advantage of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity between Texas and my home state of Pennsylvania.  I made this decision not only for my family’s safety, but also as a way to take full advantage of the rights we enjoy – and fight to keep – here in the USA.  I had never flown with a firearm before and the thought of trusting my gun, and potentially my vacation, to the TSA was a bit unnerving to say the least.  After going through the process I learned how simple it can be and want to encourage other L2C (license to carry) holders to see if flying with a firearm can work for them. Continue reading “Flying – Liberty Carry Style”

State Required Skill Level?

Should the state impose a required skill level on concealed pistol carriers? Of course not! We all know how state intervention makes things worse in our lives, like passing the Affordable Care Act and how many people can’t afford coverage or have seen costs increase and care decline!

My state requires a CPL to be renewed every four years so they can collect their tribute. In the CPL renewal class, each student introduced themselves and explained why they have a CPL, many of them cited the location, travel, or nature of their work that made them want to carry a concealed pistol for self defense. Click to find out more about skill, see my target!