Beretta PX4 DA/SA Range Lessons


I went to the shooting range to practice the single action and double action of the Beretta PX4 Storm, with concealed carry self-defense in mind. I learned a valuable lesson and found out how dirty a pistol can be after shooting 250 rounds. I observed another shooter making 3 critical mistakes.

Practice Double/Single Action

I had two goals in mind for this range trip, to practice single action and double action trigger pulls, and to aim and fire as quickly as possible as would be needed in a self-defense situation.

Theoretically, in the course of firing 250 rounds on a SA/DA gun, you would have one trigger pull DA, and 249 SA. Not a good ratio to learn both! Continue reading “Beretta PX4 DA/SA Range Lessons”

Heated Debate: Striker Fired vs. Hammer Fired

A pistol is a mechanical device that is designed to fire bullets. Engineers have devised 2 common firing mechanisms for pistols, the hammer fired and striker fired, which aim to achieve the same purpose of firing the gun.

Hammer fired pistols have an external hammer (usually) that falls onto the firing pin when the trigger is pulled. The firing pin strikes the primer on the back of the cartridge, firing the gun. The photos below are of the Beretta PX4.

Continue reading “Heated Debate: Striker Fired vs. Hammer Fired”

Security Professional On Terrorism


In light of recent events, I want to talk about the recent wave of terrorism in the world today.

I have eight years of experience in uniformed security including seven years in retail security and one year in hospital security at a facility that employed 1,400+ individuals. I also have two degrees in criminal justice and a certificate in homeland security that give me a unique insight into these terror events.

I will be sharing some advice regarding how you can protect yourself from these attacks from the perspective of a security professional and someone who has studied terrorism in detail. Continue reading “Security Professional On Terrorism”

Know The Law

New Jersey Gun Law Book
Stay out of jail!

I admit it: I haven’t always been the most proactive when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of concealed carry and self defense law.  When I first received my permit, I learned enough to know where I could carry my firearm, but that was pretty much it.

Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t bliss.  It could land you in jail.  It might mean hesitation in a self defense situation when milliseconds matter.  With some effort on the part of a L2C (License to Carry) permit holder, a firm grasp of the law is attainable, and necessary, for functional and safe concealed carry. Continue reading “Know The Law”

CNN “Explains” 2nd Amendment

My contributor Eric brought this CNN story to my attention and I was immediately fired up. The court decision is not only wrong, but denies people their right to self defense. The way that this video is presented is outrageous.

A federal appeals court ruled that there is no protection for concealed weapons in the 2nd Amendment. The video is misleading from the title, “CNN Explains: The 2nd Amendment”, from the start, Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN Senior Legal Analyst weirdly says the 2nd Amendment may be the single most mysterious part of the Constitution? First of all, why would any of the Amendments of the Constitution be mysterious? Continue reading “CNN “Explains” 2nd Amendment”