One Way To Violate NAP

typical minor traffic accident
typical minor traffic accident

In a minor traffic accident, usually the parties involved will move to a safe location and discuss what happened. They should be concerned whether anyone was hurt and if any property was damaged.  If a person or property was harmed, the individuals should work to get it sorted out between police, insurance companies, and the courts.  Of course if someone harms you or your property, they need to provide just compensation.  The guy in this Fox 2 News story serves as an example of someone who didn’t do any of those things.

If this guy was a Liberty Carrier, things would have gone much differently. He would have asked if the girl was ok and for her to pay for any damage to his vehicle. He would have left his gun concealed. Instead he ended up arrested for felonious assault, and if convicted with a felony, will not only lose his CPL, but as a felon, he would not be allowed to own firearms.

After a minor traffic accident, his response is to pull out his gun. The girls were scared and drove away from the scene of the accident. Phew! Close call right? He must have been in fear for his life, that is the only justification for presenting a gun. For this ignorant CPL holder, the story doesn’t end there. The scared girls were fleeing in their car when they hit a parked car. The guy follows them and uses his car to block them from moving. He then holds the girls at gunpoint until police arrive. He can no longer claim any sort of defense, he chased them down and threatened them. Even though the girl made contact with his car initially, he ended up becoming the aggressor and holding the girls and their property against their will.

When a CPL holder acts contrary to reason and law as in this story, it casts the CPL community and all gun owners in a negative light. The media loves to demonize gun owners and hold these anomalies out there as a reason why there needs to be more regulation or an outright ban on guns. Don’t be one of the lemmings out there that thinks this incident represents the average gun owner.