Why Hillary Loses Election Today

Hillary Clinton wants to keep ‘assault weapons’ out of the hands of terrorists and off of our streets. She wants to sound reasonable for her low information supporters who do not listen to facts or reason. An ‘assault weapon’ is the most popular rifle in America by sales to law abiding citizens who have all passed background checks. These rifles are semi-automatic, meaning they fire one bullet when you press the trigger; that’s no different than any other hunting rifle.

She is so out of touch with reality I feel sorry for her. Criminals do not buy their guns legally with a background check; instead they buy them on the black market, or steal them out of peoples vehicles and homes. Drugs such as marijuana and heroin are banned and they can be found anywhere on the streets of America. If weapons are banned, criminals will still have them, and the law abiding citizen will be defenseless against armed attackers.

Americans have the right to protect themselves from criminals and terrorists. An effective means of defense is the gun; not limited to a certain type. Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are legitimate for home defense based on an individuals preference. The 2nd Amendment says that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

She hasn’t named the terrorists, she just wants to stop ‘them’. Perhaps Libertarians, Republicans, Conservatives, and the ‘alt-right’ are terrorists in HC’s mind; anyone who disagrees with her would face persecution.

HC is proposing doing “more” to identify and stop terrorists from carrying out attacks in the United States. She plans to increase resources to prevent attacks before they happen, launching an intelligence ‘surge’ on the American people and building relationships with Muslim communities.

She is endorsing is mass government surveillance of all citizen’s emails (except for hers), text messages, phone calls, web browsing, and social media. The 1st Amendment be damned in her eyes.

HC’s vision for keeping America safe is to bypass the Constitution, spy on us, expand government taxes and spending, and ban the most popular rifle in America. She is against what Americans stand for and she will be defeated at the polls today.

How I Spread Liberty (so can you!)

How do I get involved in spreading liberty? I have heard this question asked countless times on tv programs, radio shows, and podcasts.

The government has become a leviathan and does not value individual liberty. Despite the 2016 election results, government will continue to tax, make new laws, make war, imprison, and kill people. Continue reading “How I Spread Liberty (so can you!)”

CNN “Explains” 2nd Amendment

My contributor Eric brought this CNN story to my attention and I was immediately fired up. The court decision is not only wrong, but denies people their right to self defense. The way that this video is presented is outrageous.

A federal appeals court ruled that there is no protection for concealed weapons in the 2nd Amendment. The video is misleading from the title, “CNN Explains: The 2nd Amendment”, from the start, Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN Senior Legal Analyst weirdly says the 2nd Amendment may be the single most mysterious part of the Constitution? First of all, why would any of the Amendments of the Constitution be mysterious? Continue reading “CNN “Explains” 2nd Amendment”

The State & Mandatory Training


Should there be requirements for people who want to conceal carry? This issue is left to the state governments to decide, some require training and a license before being able to carry a concealed pistol. Some states have Constitutional Carry where permitless concealed carry is allowed. It is interesting to note that the government does not administer the required class, but allows the free market to provide the class. Does this forced government training produce competent concealed carriers? The answer is NO. Continue reading “The State & Mandatory Training”

Watch the Libertarian Party Debate!

You can view part one below.

You can view part two below.

The historic first ever national Libertarian Party debate has aired, believe it! People are unsatisfied with Republicans and Democrats restricting our freedoms and invading our privacy. Continue reading “Watch the Libertarian Party Debate!”