Know The Law

Stay out of jail!

I admit it: I haven’t always been the most proactive when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of concealed carry and self defense law.  When I first received my permit, I learned enough to know where I could carry my firearm, but that was pretty much it.  Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t bliss.  It could land you in jail.  It might mean hesitation in a self defense situation when milliseconds matter.  With some effort on the part of a L2C (License to Carry) permit holder, a firm grasp of the law is attainable, and necessary, for functional and safe concealed carry.

Since 2013, when Illinois finally joined the party, all 50 states have recognized right-to-carry in some capacity (albeit highly restricted in New York, California, New Jersey, and others).  Since all states have different laws, you need to concern yourself with the state you reside in and any states you travel to.  The homepage has a great tool for researching your state’s gun laws.  I’ve referenced the NRA-ILA in a previous article about traveling interstate with a firearm.

Don’t carry on Federal property as the Federal government prohibits civilian concealed or open carry on federal facilities and lands, punishable by up to 1 year in federal prison.  It is required that firearm restrictions be posted at the facility, but I’d advise against relying on this, for obvious reasons.

One very important yet surprisingly overlooked aspect of concealed carry law is knowing when you can legally meet force with force.  Does your state have castle doctrine? Stand your ground laws? What can you do if your life isn’t directly threatened, but a family member’s is?  What about a stranger’s?  The answers to these questions need to come as second nature.  Just as we train to achieve muscle memory with a firearm, knowing when to act must be instantaneous.  If the law and your moral code are disjointed, you need to know ahead of time where you stand and what action you will take, and know the consequences of that action.

For those new to concealed carry, take some time to familiarize yourself with your state’s law.  For the seasoned veteran, a refresher may be in order.  It’s your responsibility to know the law.


Is Due Process Killing Us Right Now?

Here at Liberty Carry we are not going to let potential harm to our rights go unnoticed. Lawmakers are attempting to ban people from purchasing firearms while at the same time denying the right of due process in the Collins-Ayotte amendment.

In a free society, everyone is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty. No innocent person should have their rights taken away. The Bill of Rights protects citizens from the government.

What this amendment proposes to do is ban people from purchasing firearms. It allows for the government to presume people are guilty and arbitrarily place them onto lists. You can be put on the list for any reason, or no reason at all, without any legal legwork. You will not be notified that you are on the list, and if you find out that you are, you will not be told why, and good luck getting off of the list.

If the attorney general Loretta Lynch has information about a person she believes could be related to terrorism, she can place him or her on a list that will preclude them from purchasing a firearm. There is nothing stopping her from placing you on the list because of your political affiliations or ideology, or on any other whim.

People are placed on these lists without their knowledge, they are not notified, and they certainly have not been given due process. The whole idea of these lists is antithetical to liberty. These lists are made in secret and we don’t know who is on the list or why, due process is being circumvented.

Watch the clip above of Senator Joe Manchin telling America that “Due process is what’s killing us now.” Apparently Joe and Democrats think that our rights are getting in the way of government doing whatever it wants to the people. We live in dangerous times.

I was notified about this amendment from an email alert from Gun Owners of America. Gun rights organizations do tremendous work alerting members to contact their congressional representatives, which I do often in defense of liberty. I highly recommend that you join a gun rights organization such as GOA, and encourage others to do the same, even if they are not gun owners.

Be aware of what is going on and make sure your friends and family know as well. The politicians are counting on the apathy and ignorance of the populace to take control and establish a totalitarian state over you. Due process is not killing us, evil people are killing us.


CNN “Explains” 2nd Amendment

My contributor Eric brought this CNN story to my attention and I was immediately fired up. The court decision is not only wrong, but denies people their right to self defense. The way that this video is presented is outrageous.

A federal appeals court ruled that there is no protection for concealed weapons in the 2nd Amendment. The video is misleading from the title, “CNN Explains: The 2nd Amendment”, from the start, Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN Senior Legal Analyst weirdly says the 2nd Amendment may be the single most mysterious part of the Constitution? First of all, why would any of the Amendments of the Constitution be mysterious?

The Bill Of Rights was ratified effective December 15th, 1791. It has been longer than 224 years since the 2nd Amendment has been in print and exercised. Mr. Toobin has had the opportunity over his entire lifetime to read and understand the 2nd Amendment, but apparently that task proved too complex for him and the Amendments remain mysterious.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

I just typed that 2nd Amendment quote from memory. It is only one sentence containing 27 words. It is written in plain English and therefore easy to memorize. I have known this for a long time, since my days in elementary school. I never thought it was mysterious, but in fact easy to understand.

CNN does not explain the 2nd Amendment. Instead they use psychological techniques to program viewers. It’s like a Jedi mind trick, with a wave of their hand “these Amendments are mysterious, we’re the experts and they don’t exist anymore, they don’t apply to you.”

He actually said that militias don’t exist anymore. Militias do exist today and some state Constitutions call for all able-bodied males to comprise the militia if necessary. This is a ridiculous hit piece against the 2nd Amendment.

A book written about the 2nd Amendment that I recommend is Stephen P. Halbrook’s The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms. This book demonstrates the foundations of the 2nd Amendment supported by statements before, during, and after the writing in newspapers, letters, debates, and resolutions.